Selection: The next step is to select the leaves based on strict categorization norms which consist in selecting the leaves according to the characteristics of each fermentation pile. The leaves are classified as WRAPPERS, BINDERS AND FILLERS respectively and are organized by size according to a normative scale, to then go through the process of partially extracting the vein.

At the same time, the WRAPPER is separated and is taken through a meticulous selection where quality, texture, color, tone and size are determined.

Aging and Unveined: Once the tobacco has been selected, it is exposed to an aging process that allows the leaves to reach a maximum level of maturation and the next step is ready to follow: The vein is carefully removed from the leaf prior to the beginning of the cigar manufacturing, which is the initial industrial process. The unveining consists of a process of environmental accommodation and rest before the partial or total extraction of the vein.