Neighboring the Equator line lies Quevedo, a fertile subtropical region in the Province of Los Rios. The name Los Rios (The Rivers) gives an indication as to the richness of its soil which makes it one of the most productive areas in products of sub tropical climate in the world. The elevation, the levels of humidity, the perfect biological balance makes it ideal for the production of bananas, coffee, cocoa beans among many other crops, and a perfect paradise for the highly appreciated Wrapper..

The unique situation of permanent cloudy conditions and the resulting degree of sunlight that reaches the ground, creates the right natural environment for a tobacco leaf of superior quality.

Aray & Sons has farming land in several parts of the country where it is developing plantations that have a high level of technical applications, where the traditional tobacco varieties are being grown and new varieties are being researched.

Nursery: The development of new agricultural and industrial processes begins with the total sterilization and fertilization of the soil.

The seeds are carefully chosen for the nursery, where a genetic selection is made from the reproducer plants. Before planting the seeds, samples are tested for germination and the growing process is carefully monitored for its optimum development.

After a new analysis of the soil and the fertilization process the best plants from the nursery are selected and transplanted to the furrows. Before and during the process, strict botanical and sanitary controls are carried out, and advanced controlled irrigation systems are applied, besides the regular agricultural controls.

Harvest: This operation is carefully carried out through different cuts and sub-cuts in the different plots, according to the planting stage.

Processing and Drying: This is done by separating the different cuts that come from the fields. After this, a permanent control of temperature and humidity is maintained to guarantee a perfect processing (curing), which will result in an optimum quality of the delicate leaves.